Aba Shaka - Musical Ark Of The Kovenant Sound
Knitting Factory - NYC
Dec 27 2003
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'no joke business'

For some years we have known of Atlanta's Aba Shaka. His Musical Ark Of The Kovenant was the only system capable of going the distance with Humble Tafari's Wildfyah before Humble relocated to Maryland. where he is yet to find any decent competition. Along with NYC's own Black Redemption these sounds are the standard-bearers of uk-style warrior dub in North America. Thus it was an eagerly-anticipated occasion when, finally, Aba Shaka made it to NYC. The session was held in the Old Office in the basement of the Knitting Factory. First up, Jah Fiyah Sound warmed the area. The came Black Redemption - Ras Kush included an extended riff on the Iration Steppas 'Locks' tune (featured in punkcast#146), and a fresh pre-release from Japan's Massa Sound. We must put in a word for the MC efforts of Levi. The man is better known for his percussion talents, but for how long? Then up stepped Aba himself. In the course of 2 hour set, he worked chronologically, making his way backwards from today to the classics of the 70's, occasionally stepping out to give tribute to individual artists such as Burning Spear and Augustus Pablo and other cultural representatives. The selection nevertheless was very original, exposing several obscure jewels, such as 'We Need Guidance' by Martin Campbell. Alternately cajoling recognition and exhorting rejoicement, he took us to school on the heart, flesh, and spirit of the music. It was a vigorous seminar and the little office's tiny floor was filled with prancing steppers. Aba himself jumped into the fray at one point, outstepping all present. Cracking us up. All in all this was a very welcome visit and we hope he returns soon. In the clip Aba bigs up Lauryn Hill for her recent Sinead moment in Italy.

So the story on this one is that i was filming upstairs ealier in the night and only had an hour of DV tape left over, so i ran that on Aba's first hour. Needless to say it was the second hour when things got really exciting.. but i had an MD running for the whole thing. So there are 2 ways you can get this. VCD373 is a VCD (1,63:05), basically uncut of that first hour, and MCD373 is an MP3 CD (3,3:14:10) of Kush's warm-up and Aba Shaka's full set. Either of these you can get from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=punkcast#373, saying what you want and I'll let you know the process, or just paypal straight in at that address.

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date posted: 1/13/04

Ras Kush

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