Adam Green
Pier 54 NYC
Aug 8 2003
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'a midsummer night's dream'

As last year we made it down to Pier 54, where 13th St meets the Hudson, in a Thursday for one of the City's free summer concerts. Someone, Irish perhaps, had the color sense to book the Oranges Band and Adam Green together. As twilight fell it looked like it might rain but it held off, apart from a mild shower during Adam's set.

The Oranges Band, up from Baltimore, were good. I shall add clips soon..

You may recall that the last time we saw Adam, he put the clamp on the punkcast. Why now becomes apparent. He had bigger things up his sleeve for his solo effort - such as a four-piece string ensemble in accompaniment. 'Friends Of Mine' (clip below) seemed apropos. It was nice to see he'd hung on to 'favorite' Moldy Peach Steven Mertens. The song 'Frozen In Time' evoked squeals from the young girls in the crowd, and Adam had to laugh. (2nd clip). But with string arrangements that were peculiarly evocative of early 60's UK pop masters such as Norrie Paramor, one could perceive what he's up to. If he gets on TOTP the Brits'll be lapping this stuff up like treacle pudding with custard. Before getting to his joey ramonesque summer hit 'Dance With Me', as night and rain gently fell, he played a new song - a wistful ballad - titled on the set list simply as 'Bumgee' - that was just simply enchanting, finishing it up with his own little fey frolic. (3rd Clip).

And yes i have knocked up a VCD of Adam's set, 11 and a bit songs, but, as we know, Adam is a little particular about these things, so i'm going to check with him before any go out. You can sign up for a copy tho. It will be as usual $4 inc mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD3022, and I'll let you know if and when.

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date posted: 9/14/03

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