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Jul 6 2006
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'fuck dudes'

The package of Kiosk & Finally Punk that barnstormed across America in Summer 2006, while unnoticed by many, was nevertheless very likely the defining event of the year. Updating the girl-punk tradition of The Slits and Bikini Kill with the sass & slash of such as the YYY's and Gossip this bunch of crazy international DIY teens probably inspired every kid who came to see them to start their own band. Kiosk from Sydney, Australia, are not to be confused with a London UK band of the same name. Kiosk, a 'no-fi noise' trio, lacking a local scene they could relate to, famously created one of their own. They have a style of their own too,as you can see on the clips here. When running full-tilt, as on 'We Don't Want You', they are practically hardcore, while 'Too Many Boyfriends' explores punk-scat. 'Fuck Dudes' their dialectical finale, asserted "Women and queers are what it's all about now". Finally Punk are four girls from Austin, Texas. Defying all pigeonholing they rotate musical roles every song of their set. 'Missile', with it's memorable 'WHAT THE FUCK, MISSILE?' motif, opened and closed the set, first with a 'Hyped' version, and last with a 'Screwed' version. Inbetween were a series of cheerfully irreverent rave-ups concerning everything from penguins to peyote to pregnancy to 'Ein Zwei Polizei' - a scarper song inspired by an encounter with the German constabulary.

Clicking the images takes you to the tune on YouTube. The h.264 files will work on an iPod. There are DVD's of the sets - DVD1001-01 and DVD1001-02 respectively - write to orders@pinstand.com if you want a copy. Kiosk have a new record coming on K Recs in 2007.

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date posted: 10/26/06

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intherawtv interview with Kiosk on their return to OZ

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