WZT Hearts
The Slits
Erase Errata
Syrup Room, Brooklyn
Nov 3 2006
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with thanks to Todd P and Panache

'A Slits Revolution'

When it comes to shows there are few more more flexible in approach than Ari-Up of The Slits - famous for her impromptu presentation which often involves recruiting vocalists and musicians straight out of the crowd, or Brooklyn promoter Todd P, who creates great events in the most off-kilter surroundings seemingly out of thin air. So, when the two of them got on the same page for the Panache Non-CMJ showcase in 2006, it was bound to be an adventure. True to form, although the date appeared in the Slits' intinerary and Todd's listings the venue wasn't announced til a dozen days before the event. Having played a handful of shows in Europe the Slits were on their first US Tour in 25 years. Original members Ari-Up and bassie Tessa Pollitt were augmented by two guitarists - the exhibitionist No and the enigmatic Adele, backup singer Holly (daughter of Paul) Cook, and excellent german drummer Anna. They'd launched CMJ earlier in the week with a sold-out show at the Knitting Factory. The Panache showcase was to be a Todd P extravaganza with 10 bands, from Shellshag to Erase Errata, alternating on two stages at a warehouse on Scholes St in Brooklyn. At 6pm on the day word went out that the venue had to be changed, it would now happen at Starr Street - a nearby community arts center. By the time I got there, fashionably late, the cops had already arrived and shut the place down. Typically unfazed, Todd had got on his cell and arranged to bunk in with the HOSS Records showcase happening five blocks away at the popular and sizable Syrup Room. The entire assembly, bands and crowd - a few stragglers did get lost - made their way by vehicle and foot and then squeezed into an already packed show just in time to be dazed by the headliners, Baltimore experimental music wizzes WZT Hearts (First clip). The WZT's were prevailed upon to leave their gear onstage and, without much further ado The Slits hit. Ironically, Ari, who had complained bitterly about the sound at the Knit, had little problems here, although the soundman had never heard of the band! The crowd was also much younger and going wild. In 'World Of Grown-Ups', a song off Ari's solo album 'Dread More Than Dead', the band alternated between punk and reggae to rev things up (Second clip). Later, to calm things down they played 'Animal Space' - an existential number off the rare 'Return Of The Giant Slits' LP - that showcased Holly's vocal talents (Third clip). Dennis Brown's classic 'Revolution' gave Ari the excuse, to cheers from many of the students present, to call NYU 'Punk Professor' Vivien Goldman up onto the stage where, after a little adjustment they together let rip on an extended part 2 version (4th clip).. The band's finale was a raucous rave-up of the old Peel Session song 'Vindictive'. Ari wouldn't leave the stage easily, however, repeatedly declaring her adoration for the borough of Brooklyn, her second home.. The crowd recouped while a bunch of rappers 'Living With Animals' took the stage, and then, despite the late hour, it was back into it for Erase Errata. It has to be said that EE were well sleepless. They had flown in from London on the red-eye earlier in the day, dragged themselves through two venues, drunk numerous beers, etc, and were struggling with unfamilar gear. Nevertheless they absolutely shredded, evidence of which can be seen on the song 'Hotel Suicide' (clip 5). No doubt they wished they actually had a hotel to suicide in... Altogether tho, this was one of those great shows that anyone who attended will remember fondly the rest of their life.

Clicking the images will take you to the tunes on Google Video/You Tube. The h.264's are iPod-ready. There are seperate DVD's on each band.

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date posted: 4/16/07

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