Mob Stereo
Earl Greyhound
Lit - NYC
Jan 17 2004
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with thanks to Lit Lounge and arboretum nyc

'back and forth'

We have seen no clips from our girl Leesaw for some time, as she has turned her attention from video to cooking. However she got her camera out for this one, since she had, in her own words, a major crush on Matt, the guitarist of Earl Greyhound. When I discovered Mob Stereo were also playing I decided to make it a 2 cam shoot. Unfortunately, as is practically always the case at Lit, my attempts to get audio off the board were met with failure, so it is camera audio only and vocals are a little indistinct. We last saw Mob Stereo in #236 when they were still freshly removed from the left coast. Now they are pretty well established in NYC, having played dozens of shows, all enthusiasticly and thoroughly pubicized by guitarist OJ. I was gratified to see that they were dodgy as ever, with no compromises to professionalism. The girl who joined them for one song last time seems to have become a permanent member. The pic above is their setlist as writ on singer NJ's arm. Here we have a new song - 'Chinatown'. I shot them alone without Leesaw's help. Looking at Earl Greyhound, one can comprehend her puppy love. A power trio with good songs, for those of us less crushed their best feature is the unusual harmonies supplied by the girl bass player. The clip 'Back and Forth' was the second song. After them came Diamond, not to be confused with Diamonds, another new band out of Brooklyn fronted by Chris Leo, formerly of Van Pelt. Similarly a trio, but in this case the girl didn't sing, and picked counterpoint on guitar rather than bass. They had good songs too, but a deal more ethereal. Utilizing folklike phrasings they went into long trancelike instrumental passages at times. The song I have picked is 'Trinity Of Pairs'.

The audio on Mob Stereo just wasn't up to it, thus no VCD on them. I did do the other two - Earl Greyhound is VCD3762 (9,31:06) and Diamond is VCD3763 (7,31:52). As mentioned, vocals are somewhat indistinct, but there is interesting back and forth between the 2 cams, and plenty of instrumental in the Diamond one. You can get copies from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD, saying what you want, and I'll let you know the process (paypal accepted). We also do a Mob Stereo pin, see the WWhatsup below.

capture captain: joly
2nd camera: leesaw andaloro
date posted: 3/14/04

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