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"Music for Ears"

Guitarist Brad Farberman rounded up the unusual suspects for a RUCMA Monday night performance at the Yippie Cafe. Notable was the rare presence of clarinettist David Rothenburg - known for his extra-ordinary duets with animals - and also an appearance, albeit brief, of saxophonist Darius Jones.

The line up:

David Rothenberg - clarinets
Darius Jones - alto saxophone
Dave Sewelson - bari sax
Brad Farberman - guitar
Andrew Drury - drums

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This is DVD1487. David Rothenburgs animal exploits gave resulted in several CD's and tv shows - look here and here, or the link below. Brad Farberman also plays in the Knucklebean collective. Andrew Drury is a member of Totem>. Dave Sewelson can also be seen in PUNKCAST#1258

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