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Feb 20 2003
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'exits off the beta, ya'

Another Friday night at Pianos, as close to prime time as it gets, and a couple of bands I've been after a bit. I'd forewarned them I was coming, and received a peculiar rant from the Ghost Exits on the day of the show, suggesting that during their set i shoot the audience rather than the band. I wrote back that the camera has a will of it's own.. Both bands are duos - synth/vocals and guitar - played with plenty of offhand passion, but stylistically they differ in that the Vids are more rocky, whereas the Exits are firmly based in the first wave of electro-hip hop. The Vids, true to their name, played in front of a big screen projection of big wave surfers. The song below was about 2/3rds of the way thru. They delivered their material in a pretty forthright fashion. The Ghost Exits, however, were another matter. It was evident that the bass player had tied if not one, several, on and was already flat on the floor before they even hit the stage. His partner did his best to carry on as though nought was amiss. The bassist managed pretty well for the first couple of tunes, and when he asked us to imagine a marriage between Jay-Z and Mark E Smith, we knew what he was on about. Then there was a kind of train wreck between the bass and the mic stand, and things deteriorated a bit as he attempted to play, retune the bass, sing into a handheld mike, all at the same time.Not always successfully, but to some effect. He managed to recover enough to create some serious havoc at the end where they revisited the first couple of tunes. When ultimately, after having whipped the front rows with a mic cable, and making menacing movements towards the amps, he finally fell back flat to the floor, we all breathed a bit of a sigh of relief.. Subsequently, a day or so later, he wrote the nyhappenings list with a grovelling apology, and hoped that no-one was dissatisfied. My guess is that the only dissatisfaction is going to be if the next show we see isn't similarly over the top. The clip below was the second song in.

And yes i have knocked up a VCD of the whole show, which, until the bands tell me to stop, which might not be so long in the Exits case, heh, you can get from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD, and ask for VCD242. I'll let you know the process, or just paypal it in at the same address.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 4/6/03

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