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Contact info:
      POB 2016 Madison Sq Station,
      NY NY 10159-2016 USA
  • phone: 218 565 9365
  • email: joly at punkcast.com

    See frontpage for Myspace and Facebook links. Also see the YouTube link there for the latest clips - I am very slow at getting it all up on the site!

    If you need the free realplayer, use the BBC link page, it installs with the minimum clutter. PC users especially still have to be careful 1) not to give it any mediafile associations other than real, 2) switch off the email options, and, if the message thing opens on your taskbar - open it, go to settings and tell it to leave off.
    To play the h.264's (and .ogg's) use the free VLC player, or the latest quicktime.

    There are two RSS feeds for the site:

  • The PUNKCAST.COM PODCAST is just selected clips in iPod-ready format.
  • The PUNKCAST.COM UPDATE is full text of new additions. To get this by mail, use FeedBlitz.

    Punkcast is a free site, however donations are more than welcome. In particular we accept $5 donations, for many, but not all, of the dvd's mentioned on the site.