thrill city


debut single on Thrill City records

release date 19 November 2001

Sharp kids.

Classic teen pop. Matt (vox/guit), Bryan (drums), Ben (guit), Charlie (bass/vox) walk like the Clash and sing like the Beatles, the classic teen gang as pop band, but with the tuff angular attitudes and power chords of punk rock giving their music a crucial spine.

Pinhole are the right age to play rock n roll. They love their tunes but they also love the rush of cranked guitars. Their debut single is a four track EP and comes stuffed with a live video, loads of photos, a video interview with the band and more... on new label Thrill City perfectly capturing this perfect blend.

Breaking the mould Pinhole are busting out of Liverpool with a highly melodic adrenaline charged rush of pop punk excitement. Combining their love of primetime Clash, Beatles, Who, Smiths, Pixies, Pinhole are mashing up the classics and making guitar driven pop that combines the rush of killer choruses, cranked guitars and a youthful love of the power of rock n roll.

This is perfect pop. Pop that is infused with the rush of youth, pop that is driven by the rush of guitars, pop that thrives on the white excitement of prime time punk rock.

You can hear the melodic noise of The Beatles, the fab 4's killer harmonies that seem to be in the water in Liverpool. Pinhole walk like The Clash, they hit the stage in black, sharp hair, tight quiffs, they were fired by the American punk revival of the mid nineties and have fused this with the tough melodic nous of north west bands. At the same time they are a clean break from the 'scally' pop of the last decade, "Never trust anyone who wears their guitar above elbow-level" they laugh... this is an adrenalised guitar rush, a shot of energy, a new way of twisting the chords...

This is Pinhole.


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