thrill city

2001 and the fire still hasn’t gone out!

Answering the rock n roll clarion call! - there are bands! - everywhere!

Hundreds of great gun slinging young groups hooked onto the visceral thrills of great R n R... and we’re going to sign them! - all of ‘em!

Its not because we want to! - its because we have to! - we can’t let all this great talent rot away.. we are using all our expertise to turn you onto some great sounds... raw energy, great tunes... the suburbs are burning! - and we are throwing petrol onto the fire! - Thrill City is coming!

In the past year we’ve seen ‘em! - bands everywhere, great bands inspired by the American punk rock overdrive and putting their own spin onto it! - The kids are grabbing guitars and hitting the stages... we will document this action...

A new generation of guitar action is out there, the last few years have been dominated by Americana

Thrill City is going to sign high quality, er, thrill city bands and spray them out like a machine gun...

The release format will be four track EP’s that will incorporate hi technology to spit out primal sound.. each EP will come with live gig footage, interview, photos, info all encoded on the CD.. we are built into the internet... hi tech soul power! - We are the future...

Thrill City is a joint venture between John Robb and John Bentham...

John Robb is currently putting together a twenty-part history of punk rock for TV and appearing on every other programme going, whilst recording a new album with Gold Blade. He is also a music journalist and best selling author.

John Bentham has a long history in independent music and film, with outfits such as Jettisoundz Video, Visionary & Screen Edge. After developing to stream video on the Internet in 1997, he worked closely with Bob Geldof’s online company He has now returned to music and film, concentrating his efforts to use the Internet as the PR vehicle is it best suited for.

Thrill City 1 will be Liverpool group Pinhole, who combine the raw optimism of primetime Clash with the drop dead harmonies of The Beatles

Thrill City 2 will be Manchester group The Obsession, who strut like The Make UP and bleed raw power pop and chainsaw guitars like The Buzzcocks...


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