From: Nick H

In response to Mark (hello Mark!!) and Benjamin Horrendous who I thought was particularly uncharitable to Genesis P-Orridge & Co.

I thought Wobble, who gather was ill, was distinctly under par. First of all he didn't attend the discussion/forum before the gig - he came in, was spoken to briefly and left!!! What a let down!

Genesis on the other hand, who none of my entourage, including me, had actually gone to see, came over and spoke to me and my mates before hand, admitting he knew little or nothing of the discussion which he'd been informed of 5 minutes earlier although he entered fully into the spirit of things and took the piss out of a couple of particularly obsessive 'what's your favourite breakfast cereal' type persistent questioners.

The gig itself was absolutely awesome - Genesis & Thee Majesty really did convey some special sense of sacredness and difference - a real out of the ordinary experience enhanced by some surreal 'Psychic TV' on a screen behind the 3 of them. In comparison Deep Space were just 'a band' - the performance really didn't compare to The Damage Manual in Sheffield last year where Wobble was on top form. I'm sorry to disagree but I thought Genesis P-Orridge blew Deep Space away. Both myself and my two mates saw Wobble in Sheffield where we were all agreed it was a top gig and Wob was in a great mood and beckoned us up on stage at the end - playing on after the rest of the band had left the stage.

I'm afraid Genesis 'won' (if that's the right word!) this one hands down. An absolutely 'magickal' (in every sense of the word) experience. Wobble & co were good and I danced with the girlies at the front!! (and a jolly good time was had by all!) but Genesis & Thee Majesty were literally out of this world, & that I'm afraid, was the real point of this gig - relocating the sacred in performance. Genesis did that whereas Wob was just a good gig. Sorry for the dissenting voice, and I'm one of Wob's biggest fans - but Genesis I think really embodied the spirit of the event and we all went away changed. (Sorry!!) Perhaps Wob being under the weather had a lot to do with it although he did read out my mate's request for a lift home!!!

Cheers Wob!

Nick H

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