Zeke Healy
Matt Valentine
Jack Rose
Washington Sq. Church NYC
Mar 11 2004
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with thanks to Washington Sq. Church and Wet Ink Musics and Todd P

'New Music for Steel String Guitar'

Wet Ink Musics is a composers collective that has presented over 50 'new music' concerts since it's formation in 1998, many in this location, a methodist church in NYC's Greenwich Village, a room with excellent acoustics. On this occasion the focus was on the steel string guitar with five different acts performing. I missed the first, Kevin Barker from Currituck Co., and the second Zeke Healy, of The Boggs, was already going as I set up. Playing the traditional National Steel guitar, his tunes were also traditional sounding but set in acres of nonstop improvisation. As I started shooting he moved into a 3/4 blues, 'Waltz For Funeral', and that is the clip. He was followed by Pithot, a duo comprising Jerry Lim and Tom Borum. The most radical of this night's performers they explored the acoustic guitar's sonic possibilties to the max, tapping and rapping, squeaking and tweaking, until, in the most intense moments, Tom actually used a steel string to play his instrument. That is the clip below. After an intermission we had Matt Valentine, from Tower Recordings. Matt played a series of his own tunes, ruminative and reflective, before being joined by Erika Elder on a banjo-like instrument I could not name for an extended raga. 'Zuma Little King' was his first number. Rounding off the night was Jack Rose, from Pelt. Playing a 12 string, his intense, and intricate, fingerpicking produced a gloriously lush and luxuriant sound. The jaunty 'Kensington Blues' was his, and the show's, closer.

And yes i have knocked up individual VCD's of the sets, Zeke is VCD4161 (3,9:05 ); Pithot is VCD4162 (1,18:07); Matt is VCD4163 (6,27:53); and Jack is VCD4164 (3,27:44). You can get copies from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD, and I'll let you know the process (paypal accepted).

capture captain: joly
date posted: 3/24/04

Zeke theboggs.com
Pithot www.pithot.org
Matt Tower Recordings - Folk Scene
Jack klang.org

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