Jah Division
Mighty Robot - Brooklyn
Aug 22 2003
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'i can't believe you guys are watching this shit. so funny.'

It's the dog days of summer 2003 and, facing Fitz's imminent departure for Berlin, The Twisted Ones & Mighty Robot pull out all the stops. The second annual 'Brooklyn Rock Festival' - of which this was the kickoff event - turned into weeklong plus bacchanale, including the Midnight O' Connor shenanigans seen in PUNKCAST#317, to see our man off in true style. The whole thing culminating in a another Labor Day weekend outdoor happening (yet to be posted). Favorable mentions in influential media such as Flavorpill ensured there was a healthy attendance. Late as usual, I missed Roxy Pain. As I arrived Jah Division were langorously setting up, while the crowd cooled out on the roof outside. Jah Division, a one-off project as noted in PUNKCAST#250, have somehow refused to die, and by this time were entering their deconstructionist phase with the addition of Kid Millions of Oneida on knob-twiddle. To keep things ital bassie Brad had kitted them all out with rasta head/wristbands. By the time they had finished up four meandering jams he notices that some patrons are actually paying attention, hence the quote above. But people were digging it, and despite the band's usual declaration of this being their last show, it seems unstoppable. The clip is the second tune in. Mighty Robot were busting out a new set of visuals that made the place feel like a warm aztec temple. An air of happy optimism prevailed and the party started jumping. Place was jammed. Panthers started setting up. Just then, in an unprecedented occurrence, the cops showed up outside. Complaints about noise supposedly. It was decided to evict the crowd in case the fire dept showed. After a lengthy sojourn on Wythe, while the savvy nipped round to the Southside for an ale, it was deemed safe to continue and the Panthers very unselfishly stepped aside for Enon, who many had come to see. They got up and played 3 songs, ending with crowd favorite, a spirited cover of Gun Club's 'Sex Beat', Not wanting to rock the boat further, since there was another show coming the next day, curfew was then called in good time for the party to move on to the Southside & Daddy's well before last call.

i've made one VCD with both band's sets - that is VCD314 (7,) - if interested in a copy email orders@pinstand.com and I'll let you know the process.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 10/24/04

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