Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Sin- NYC
Mar 31 2003
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'we're three in the dark tonight'

A Monday night. It's the (delayed) opening of the new version of Sin-, a venue that did much to foster the Brooklyn scene over the years. Their new spot is a well-converted piece of industrial space on the Lower East Side. It's arrival combined with the thriving Pianos, the staid but steady Luna Lounge, and the avant-garde Tonic, mean that the LES can give W'burg and co a good run for their money any night of the week, except Monday, of course, now that the city has put the clamp on the 'Transmission' post-punk orgies at Plant Bar after the cops spotted someone dancing. One of the reasons we love the yyy's so much is the sense of family they embody, one knows when K. sings 'Our Time' she sings it for all. At this show, introducing 'Maps' she dedicates the song to her and Brian's respective lovers, but when it comes to Nick, her arm sweeps the audience - "it's you mf's." So they have taken the time between exhausting UK and gruelling USA tours to come down and party with the Tall Boys and help the old crew kick off the new spot with a bang. I've taped the yyy's a total of 3 times (brownies and luxx and wythe) since punkcast#124 but on all occasions didn't get the vocals so good, and reluctantly threw the tapes in the closet. In the meantime I have practiced my MD skills. On this occasion, as soon as I'd talked myself past the 'totally full' sign, I made sure to plug in the MD, and then set up to shoot at the only spot left in the densely crowded room, which was up on stage left, by the DJ - Jo, a friend of the pinstand from a different time and place. And there were not a lot of vocals on stage or at the front for Karen and her party. "Welcome to my life" she tells the front rows, and then after the next song "Bitter truth is, no one gives a shit about the vocals". Totally not true as we all know, but maybe a little less than we want to be beer-spilling and generally acting crazy with Karen. And of course, now, through the wonders of punkcast and MD technology we can actually hear those vocals for ourselves, if not at the show itself. You will observe that K.'s become pretty proficient at howling on-key and to effect, regardless. The yyy's busted out a couple of songs we hadn't heard before - 'Kiss Kiss' and 'Blow Hard' - and those are the ones here. One can feel them still taking shape. The encore was "Yeah, New York" - just about the first time I'd seen that one since the original yyy punkcast - followed by 'Our Time'. I spoke with Nick right after and he didn't seem to feel the show was one for the books, but I suspect he was suffering from nicotine withdrawal, Mayor Bloomberg's total cig ban in bars and clubs being a day old at the time. It was a great show, as I trust the clips below attest.

And yes i have knocked up a VCD of the show, that's 15 songs. My spot isn't so good, and shooting a bit patchy. Sound as mentioned is a fair mix. Later on, the lighting guy gets a bit overexcited and keeps flashing from very bright to black, but what can one do? Well equalize in the pc, actually, and i've done a fair bit of that. But the vocals rule, heh heh heh. And yes, until the band tells me to stop, which might'nt be too long, you can get said VCD from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD259, and I'll let you know the process. Or just paypal straight in at that address.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 4/21/03

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