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Sonic Rock Solstice
Hamilton House Farm - near Blackpool UK
June 2002

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Solstice 2002 saw us setting off for the weekend, cameras in hand
to make a film with some old friends we had'nt seen in a while.
A thoroughly enjoyable experience all round!
and a very Hawkwind style affair

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Sonic Rock Solstice - trailer - 12 mins

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Track Listing
Gun Law Local Boy
Spacehead Fyre Dragons, Dark Star
Stereovaccine Whitechapel
Doghouse Searching , Ace of Spades
Mr.Quimbys Beard Lest We Forget
Harvey Bainbridge Acid House of Dreams, Free Fall
Bedouin As Above So Below, Chasing, Coded Languages

full film
full film
Kosmik Ken

capture captain: johnb

many thanks to the Salutation Motor Cycle Club

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