hackNY Demofest
Courant Institute NYU NYC
Jul 30 2010

on behalf of
Internet Society - NY Chapter
with thanks to Courant Institute NYU

"hackNY Demofest"

ISOC-NY1775 Fellows of the hackNY program, which placed students with NYC tech firms over the summer, demonstrate the results of their efforts at the Courant Institute NYU on Jul 30 2010. Support from fiscal sponsor ISOC-NY with funding from the Kauffman Foundation.

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00:59 Tal Safran - Aviary
05:53 Chris Triolo - 10gen
11:54 Jacob Hickey - Parse.ly
17:07 Nolan Filter - Business Insider
22:44 Stuart Partin - Knewton
26:59 Tengchao Zhou - buzzd
36:39 Max Stoller - Designer Pages
41:16 Julie Dinerman - Aprizi
46:30 Anil Raj - okcupid
54:21 Ian Jennings - bit.ly

A DVD of this event is available free ($5 donation optional) from dvd@isoc-ny.org. Ask for DVD1775.

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