NYC Council Net Neutrality Public Hearing
City Hall NYC
Nov 20 2009

on behalf of
Internet Society - New York Chapter
with thanks to City Hall

"Network Neutrality"

In Feb. 2007 members of the NYC Council Committee on Technology in Government Committee introduced Resolution 712, calling on the federal government to pass net neutrality legislation, an unlikely prospect at the time. Now, with fresh faces in Washington, the FCC has taken up the cause, establishing the six principles of net neutrality. A new bill H.R. 3458 aka the 'Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009' was introduced in Congress, and is currently before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. For their part, Republicans have come up with two opposing bills. The NYC Resolution has, in recognition of this, been appropriately amended as Res. No. 712-A, and a public hearing was held on November 20 2009 at City Hall. The FCC has made a request for public comment on this matter and the Committee on Technology in Government will draw from the hearing's testimonies to draft a letter that includes citywide input.

Introduction - Gale Brewer

Panel 1:
Fred Wilson - Union Square Ventures
Art Brodsky - Public Knowledge
Timothy Karr - Free Press

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Panel 2:
Howard Symons - Cable Telecom. Assn. of New York
Lawrence Spivak - Phoenix Center
John Mayo - Georgetown U,

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Panel 3:
Joshua Breitbart - Peoples Production House
Justin Day - blip.tv
Matthew Rosenberg - One Blue Brick
Nicholas Economides - NYU Stern School

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Panel 4:
Robert Puckett - New York State Telecom, Assn.
Charles Davidson - NY Law School
Gordon Chambers - Songwriter
Phil Galdston - Songwriter
Rich Carnes - Songwriters Guild of America

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Panel 5:
Hannah Miller - Media & Democracy Coalition
Chris Keeley - Common Cause NY
Jennifer Mercurio - Entertainment Consumers Assn.
Jean Cook - Future of Music Coalition

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Panel 6:
Lowell Peterson - Writers Guild of America, East
Emma Lloyd - Eyebeam
James Vasile - Software Freedom Law Center
Jehangir Khattak - NY Community Media Alliance

Panel 7:
Benjamin Kallos - Open Government Foundation
Colleen Gibney - ITAC
Michel Biezunski - Infoloom

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Panel 8:
Dimas DeJesus - LISTA
Jay Sulzberger
Joly MacFie - Internet Society NY Chapter

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There is a YouTube Playlist of all the panels. Links to the NYC Council webcast, transcript, and written testimony are on the ISOC-NY site. ISOC Chapters, scholars, educators, libraries can get a copy of this on DVD by writing to dvd@isoc-ny.org and asking for DVD1689 ($5 donation is optional).

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