thrill city

The Divine Brown

debut single on Thrill City records

Due for release March 2002

Putting the bang into gangbang, The Divine Brown are a supa sleek, snarling rock n roll tag team, a sleek smart crew who play an adrenalised rush of powerful guitar aggro with no apologies.

When The Divine Brown hit the stage it sounds awesome. Stomping, anthems with big fat hooks, a chain wielding gum chewing gang swagger and a confidence that takes the room. The Divine Brown hook up the street cool of a fifties rock n roll crew and crank is up large through phat new millennium rock, they have the charisma and the street smarts to take their vision all the way.

Based in London they have been kicking up a drag strip riot with a series of underground shows that leave them ready for the national break out. looking like a bunch of ex cons handling the rock roll grenade, they mean serious business, they deal sharp rock n roll threads with a fistful of napalm, they are the street walking cheetahs and they are ready to answer the rock n roll clarion call.

With a blur of neat cut shirts the Brown team are in the building, its rock n roll played with the sort of soul power and phat guitar suss that make their R n R so damn exciting. They somehow capture the raw rush of primetime punk rock and criss cross it with the history of rock n roll!

This, their debut single perfectly captures that live assault. A rush of guitars and fantastic chants, snarling sneering lead vocals and songs that spit anthem at you. I was thirty seconds into watching them when I knew I had to sign them. there are too few great British rock n roll bands, too many weedy, half assed. half realised takes on the great Americana, but the Brown are right up there already a fully formed purring, rock n roll machine with their guitars and guns blazing...

They know that the true secret of rock n roll is the gang

The gang you wanna join...

'The Wild Stoat Training Camp'
Upper Lats
Outer Hebrides
January 2002

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